This year’s DJ line up is Stephan Golowka (Berlin, Germany), Rob Bailey (New Untouchables – London), Paddy & Sarge (Dr Crippens – Belfast), Richard Gibbons (Guild Navigator, Lonndon) plus residents Holly (Eyes Wide Open), Craig Reece (Gimme Shelter) and Jamo Kidd (Get The Records On).

Previous years djs….

Here’s a mix of some of the selections from the 2015 DJs…

Here you will find the low down on who the DJs are!




Edu comes from Barcelona where he reguarly runs psych nights as well as the Weirdo Club which fuses indie music with psych.   He has an incredible selection of psych which he has played around Spain extensively, and the rest of Europe.  We’re delighted to welcome him back to Scotland for the 5th Double Sight!

Rob Bailey

(New Untouchables/Le Beat Bespoke/EuRO YEYE/Mousetrap – London, UK)


Rob is head of the New Untouchables, the organisation behind the legendary Euro Yeye, Le Beat Bespoke and the omnipresent ‘Mousetrap’ club in London.

Rob’s reputation for filling a dancefloor preceds him, and there’s good reason for it.  He’s the most in demand DJ on the 60s scene, and has played at events all across the globe.  He’s an essential DJ to have on the bill for a really great party!

You can hear a preview of his selections on the popular Le Beat Bespoke compilation series he’s released in conjunction with the Easter-time event.  Order your copies here –

Paddy & Sarge

(dr crippens waiting room, belfast, UK)


Essentially Double Sight residents now, this is Paddy & Sarge’s 3rd year at Double Sight, and it sure as hell won’t be their last!

Belfast’s top purveyors of psychedelic sounds, the Dr Crippens DJ Dream team prescribe a healthy dose of funk infused psych, with tons of the good stuff – phasing, hammonds, bongos, flutes, horses heads & modz.

Never predictable & always an absolute pleasure to have on board.

resident DJs

Holly & Sarah

(Double Sight/Eyes Wide Open – Glasgow)


Responsible for bringing you the Double Sight Weekender are resident DJs Holly & Sarah who have run ‘Eyes Wide Open’ here in Glasgow for over 8 years.  Although the club is no longer a monthly event, the girls still DJ reguarly guesting around Glasgow, the UK & Europe at some of the best psych nights on offer, tho this is the one weekend of the year they look forward to most!

Craig Reece


Helping out Holly & Sarah on resident duties is our good friend Craig Reece who you may have seen DJing around Glasgow at a variety of nights, most recently Gimme Shelter at the Flying Duck, or guesting at a variety of nights around the UK.   Craig plays a variety of genres but will be focusing on his psych side over the weekend.


(Get the Records on -Glasgow)


Another good friend on resident duties is Jamo Kidd.  Jamo does regular sets around the cities bars.  Don’t miss the rare chance to hear a set exclusively made up of his psych picks!



Hailing from Helibronn in German, Thomas is the co-founder of The Paisley Club and The White Room in his second home of Berlin.

Thomas is known for his incredible collection of US garage and psych which he’ll be playing for us at this long overdue return to Glasgow.

Rob Bailey

(New Untouchables/Le Beat Bespoke/EuRO YEYE/Mousetrap – London, UK)

I turned my passion into my profession back in the mid 90’s and never looked back.  Have DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met a whole lot of great people on my journey.

I am the man behind The New Untouchables events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoke festival and compilation series of the same name and co-organizer of Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have organized many clubs the last twenty years in London where I live, my current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, and Mousetrap allnighter which will celebrate its 21st anniversary in March 2012.

I run an online mail order record business called RnB Records to subsidies my vinyl addiction visit for rare vintage vinyl from that magical period of music including a few Le Beat Bespoke classics.

I am a DJ not a collector, I love a wide taste of underground 60’s music and buy records with one thing on my mind making people dance and have fun!

Here are a few fave raves you can expect to hear from me.

Now I Know- Met & Zonder
Time We Share- Headhunters
A Better Mind- Maximus
Give Me Some Love – Knights Bridge
Boy Is Gone – Lyn & The Invaders

Florian tippelt

(echoes of time – munich, germany)

Howdy farmers,

I’m still hanging in Munich, the capital of beer and club night “Echoes of Time”, where we play the fuzzy & psychedelic sounds of the mo – which is pretty much the stuff I’ll bring to this year’s “Double Sight Weekender”.

I’ve spun records at weekenders and club nights such as All Saints Mod Holiday (Lavarone), Look At The Lights Go Up (Hamburg), Two Men From L.I.N.Z. (Bad Breisig), Mushroom Machine (Madrid), Eyes Wide Open (Glasgow), Mind Machine (Vienna), Up Club (Frankfurt), Magic Cube (Hamburg), Turn Over (Berlin) and Friday On My Mind (Augsburg)…

Really can´t wait to come back to Glasgow. I hope to see you there!

Here are some of my faves, though it’s still a while till October:

Mother Sunday – Midnight Graveyard
Jay Walker Effort – Paper Dolls
Shelly y La Nueva Generación – I’m Just A Fool
Icarus – You’ re In Life
Pan y Regaliz – Magic Colours

Paddy & Sarge

(dr crippens waiting room – belfast, N.ireland)

Full biog to follow, for now here’s the facts.

Top 5 Tunes

Bernard Chabert – Olga Seltzer
Sandwich – For I Know
Allan Sheldon – Mirror of my Mind
Chris Garrett – Family Man 
Garden Odyssy Enterprise

Chris ‘Beans’ Geddes

(Belle & Sebastian/B-Music – Glasgow)

Chris has been the keyboard player in Belle and Sebastian since 1996 and curated the group’s two volumes of Late Night Tales compilations.
While touring with the band he’s taken the opportunity for record digging in places as far afield as Tokyo and Sao Paulo, collecting international psych, soul, tropicalia, bollywood, jazz, soundtracks and more.

He’s guested at some top retro club nights including Divine, Blow-Up, EWO, Modern Lovers and djed alongside Andy Votel, David Holmes and Bob Stanley as part of the B-Music collective. He currently he co-hosts Singles Night with Andrew Divine at the Flying Duck each month.

Soft Machine – Why Are We Sleeping
Eva Pilarova – Leto Leto
Cindy & Bert – Der Hund Von Baskerville
Philamore Lincoln – You’re the One
Selda – Ince Ince

Aitor Ziar

(Get The Records On/The ‘freak-beats’ club – basque country/Glasgow)

My name is Aitor, I’m originally from the Basque Country but live in Glasgow, Scotland since 2004.

After having collected vinyl records for most of my life, I started DJin regularly in a Glasgow bar/pre-club called ‘Get The Records On’ with my friend Jamie Kidd and later with Craig Reece. Now since few months ago I DJ with the same two individuals in a club called ‘Freak-beats’ were we play freakbeats sounds a plenty, or whatever falls in that category depending on our mood on the night.

The best thing about djin is that you can play out loud your favourite songs without having to worry about the neighbours. I like many different styles but If you ask me I prefer 60’s punk to psych-pop.

So far I have had the chance to play records in various nights in Glasgow such as Friday Street, EWO, Grow Your Own, Shout Bamalama and now Glasgow’s own psych weekender! I’m really looking forward for this weekend and I think is going to be even better than last year!

Top 5 Records

Blackwater – Headsmen
Foggy Notions – Need a Little Lovin’
Los Bulldogs – I’m Gonna Find A Cave
Maria Rossi – Cinturão de Fogo
The Tropics – As Time’s Gone

resident djS

craig dishington

(grow your own – glasgow)

Hello! I am, once again, Craig Dishington. One third of the ‘Grow Your Own’ DJ collective who have been using “Rare sounds from the 60s underground!” to make party for Glasgows dancing peoples for just over 3 years this summer! I have also clung tightly to my record box in planes, trains & taxi-mobiles across Europe so as to unleash garage / psych guest slot goodness at The Mousetrap, Hidden Door, Club Separee, Echoes Of Time, Hip Cat Club, Nutty New Year, Glasgow Mod Weekender, Dr Crippins Waiting Room & not last but most, Double Sight’s host club; Eyes Wide Open!

I loved last years Double Sight so much I was willing to give blood for the cause & this years is shaping up to be even better, so, no excuses people! – BE THERE!!!

Top five spins:

Alan Sheldon – Mirror Of My Mind
Rob De Neys – Bye Bye Mrs Turple
Paul Ryder & Time Machine – If You Ever Get To Heaven
The Problem – Gallery
The Livin’ End – Your Kind Of Love

jamo kidd

(the freak-beats club, glasgow)

After the success of being Double Sight’s official tourist guide from 2011, I’m back for a second year, armed this time with even more records pinched from other peoples mix-tapes. After five years of doing the eclectic night ‘Get the Records On!’, I finally got the balls last year to launch my own club night ‘The Freak-Beats Club’. I love the Glasgow scene and genuinely look forward to welcoming you all to this great city…!

The Dantes – 80-96
The League – Hey Conductor
Les Lunours – Nous Sommes Bi-bi Ba-ba Boum-boum
King’s Road – Mister Ziman
Julie Felix – Mad John’s Escape

Holly & Sarah

(double sight/eyes wide open, glasgow)

Hello, we’re Holly & Sarah and we’ll be your hosts for the Double Sight Weekender.  We still can’t believe how much fun the first ever Double Sight was last year, massive thanks to everyone who came, danced and played.  Lets make 2012 an even better one!

Since last year we’ve mainly spent our time playing records away, at such top clubs as Echoes of Time in Munich, Dr Crippens in Belfast and we’re gearing up for a summer of fun spinning at Euro Yeye and the Brighton Weekender.

Come October we’ll be ready to welcome everyone to Glasgow for what we hope will be another unforgettable weekend, the best psych and the best of Scottish hospitality!

A few top records from us include…

The Grabbeltons – Make Love – Make Love

Focal Point – Sycamore Sid

Don’t Let It Get The Best Of You – Nimrod

Gene Latter – Holding A Dream

Shelly Y Nueva Generacion – I’m Just A Fool

2011 DJS

Rob Bailey

(New Untouchables/Le Beat Bespoke/Mousetrap – London, UK)

Rob Bailey (NUTs/LBB/Mousetrap - London, UK)

Hi folks, I had the good fortune to turn my passion into my profession and not looked back ever since. Spun records all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met a lot of great people along the way including the Eyes Wide Open crew.

I’m the bloke behind The New Untouchables events like the Brighton weekender, Euro Ye Ye together with Trouble & Tea and Le Beat Bespoke festival and compilation series under the same name. I organized over twenty clubs the last twenty years. My current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which celebrates its 20th anniversary in March 2011.

I’m a DJ not a collector who buys a wide taste of obscure underground 60’s style records with one thing on my mind to make people dance?  I look forward to coming back to Glasgow for another wild weekend and I endeavor to get the Double Sight party swinging in October.

Finally I run an online mail order record business called RNB Records selling rare vintage vinyl from that magical period of music.

Here are some choons you are guaranteed to here from me…

Workin’- Unreleased
Dan’s la Galaxie – Bruno Leys
Loving You Sometimes – The Outcasts
I Can See Your Face – Pneumonia
Double Sight – One In A Million

Alessandro Detassis

(Underground Vibrations, Sweden/All Saints, Italy)

Ale Detassis (Sweden/Italy)

Having lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for years Ale runs his own clothes shop, Igor The Dog,and has been involved in the 60s scene there since he arrived from Italy.  You have him to thank for clubs such as Radio London, and now Underground Vibrations, The Sinful Weekend and Heaven & Hell.

Alessandro is still heavily involved in the Italian mod scene, as a founder and organiser of the All Saints Mod Holiday in Lavarone, north Italy, every October – celebrating their 19th year in 2011.

Another DJ with a firm focus on keeping the dance floor packed, Ale will being some killer mod-psych dancers whether they are hits, or unknown!

Tell us a bit about your DJ style, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

I like to dance and I want make people dance.  It can be with an obscure song or with a classic hit.  Doesn’t matter, the most important  thing for me is to see people have fun.  I play garage, beat, soul/rock.

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow?

Scottish shortbreads biscuits, Walkers salt & vinegar chips, fredrik ljungberg, all the second hand shops, the cheap taxis.

Glasgow it’s well know for the alternative music scene. It’s an honour to be part of this scene for a couple of days!

What are your top 5 spins for the weekend?

This is always a good question and it’s difficult to say what I’ll play so far in advance, but at the moment my fav 5 are:

Igor The Dog – Tommy Körberg (yes, i know, again and again…)
Try To Love Me – Jimmy & The Mustangs
You Got The Power of Love – Kevin King Lear
Get It On – Chase
Show Me The Way – The Free For All

Paddy & Sarge

(Dr Crippens Waiting Room, Belfast, N. Ireland)

Paddy & Sarge (Dr Crippens, Belfast, N. Ireland)

Belfast’s top purveyors of psychedelic sounds, Paddy and Sarge, the Dr. Crippen’s DJ Team bring the good people of Northern Ireland fast, hard, funky psych at their fine club currently being held at The Menagerie.

These guys will delight your senses with all manner of mind expanding sounds, from psych & freakbeat to popsike, with a healthy dose of funk.

Some words from the men themselves…

Paddy, Tell us a bit about your DJ style, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

Hi. I’m not Sarge. My DJ style is the essence of Crippen in the section labelled Mods. I also heart psych funk, funky psych, & psikey phunk.

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow, and the Double Sight Weekender?

I’m mostly looking forward to Glasgow’s excellent impression of Belfast. And deep fried creme eggs.  And  I guess this is the first weekend of its type in them there parts, also hooking up with our chums, the tunage, & the ample parking. And you organised it.

What are your top 5 spins for the weekend?

…& who can forget such romantic classix as;

Shusha – Le Diable
La Revolution Francaise – Y Mouille a Sciaux
The Samurai – Fresh Hot Breeze of Summer
Peshka – La Danse du Ventre
Guy Wathelet – Some People Said

Sarge, Tell us a bit about your DJ style, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

DJ style is hard funky ass psychedelic club stuffs with phasing, hammond, bongos, flues, wah-wah guitars and big drums.  Popsiek don’t send me much, it’s gotta be a heavy groovy thang.

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow?

I love Glasgow, it’s my kind of place; adaptable, innovative, unique and it has something for everyone, whatever you like to do!  Scotland’s largest city, it’s home to over 600,000 people.  Undergoing a massive transition from it’s industrial past to European City of Culture in 1990 and UK city of Architecture and Design in 1999; this is a beautiful place.  As well as appealing to the visual senses it’s renowned for it’s music too.  With one of the most vibrant nightlife and club scenes anywhere, all the big acts play there, like me.

A word about Double Sight…

How a group of mod bums and beatniks wound up in a Glasgow garage and psych weekender is a mystery.  What happens next will blow their minds!  This is the spot, right here on the dancefloor, where Dr. Frankenmod had his crazy frug.  I hear they had soem wild stuff happen.  Dr Frankenmod is hot on the trail of this group of misfits.  He’s protecting what’s his, and they’ll be lucky if they escape Double Sight with their lives.  This is where the Modboy said he saw those wild lights.  But I don’t see… Wait a minute!  What’s this?  It’s the Modboy.  And he’s been torn apart by the funk!  [Choking sounds.]

Can this ragtag group of deadbeats find the acid funk before Frankenmod find them?  And if they do, will the mysterious mod psych dancer with phasing drive them mad?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  The Doctoer is out… far out!  Come check out the Double Sight Garage & Psych Weekender before it checks you out!  Coming soon.  Check your local listings.

And, your Top 5 Spins for the weekend?

Smith – Let’s Get Together
Ballroom – Baby Please Don’t Go
Small Faces – Me, You and Us Too
Nurt – Pisze Kreda Na Asfalcie (Sarge Re-Edit… ahem)
Green Windows – Doce E Facil Reino Do Bla Bla Bla

Andrew Symington

(Divine, Glasgow)

Andrew Symington (Divine, Glasgow)

First of our local guest DJs is Andrew Symington, the man behind Divine, Glasgow’s longest running club night.  Divine celebrated it’s 20th year at the Art School in 2010.  Unfortunately, the union is closing for refurb in June, so the future of the club is uncertain at time of press.  Make sure you don’t miss this chance to hear Andrew spinning the 45s which have made Divine such an institution!

Tell us a bit about your DJ syle, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

I’ve got pretty eclectic taste and collect all sorts of styles – from acid-folk to Detroit-techno! At DIVINE, I spin mainly 60s and 70s psych rock, northern soul, deep funk and dynamite ska. But for Double Sight I’ll be focusing (geddit?) on the garage, psych and freakbeat side of things. As you’d very much hope.

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow?

You’re always guaranteed a great crowd – friendly, knowledgeable,
enthusiastic and open-minded. Plus, I can stagger home afterwards…

What appeals to you most about the Double Sight Weekender?

It’s fantastic that Eyes Wide Open has become so popular that it can grow into a weekender, bringing top bands and deejays from all over Europe.  Hopefully the first of many more to come.

Top 5 spins for the weekend?

Dana Gillespie – You Just Gotta Know My Mind (Decca)
The Hooterville Trolley – No Silver Bird (Lynnette)
Tamara Koran & Perception – Veils Of Mourning Lace (Domain)
Jenny Rock – Mal (Action)
Barry St. John – Concerning Love (Tangerine)

Paul Molloy

(Friday Street, Glasgow)

Paul Molloy (Friday Street, Glasgow)

We’re also pleased to be joined by Paul Molloy who runs Friday Street, ‘Scotland’s Premier Mod Club’.  Tho a lover of across the board mod sounds, Paul is an enthusiast for freakbeat, psych and garage tunes, which he’ll be playing to a full dance floor at Double Sight.

Top 5 Tunes to follow…

Resident DJs

Craig Dishington
(Grow Your Own, Glasgow)

Craig Dishington (Grow Your Own, Glasgow)

Joining us as a Double Sight resident DJ is Craig Dishington, better known to  us as Dishie, of Glasgow psych collective Grow Your Own, which runs quarterly in the Black Sparrow.

Tell us a bit about your DJ syle, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

 A lethal dose of worldwide, underground garage psych dancefloor goodness!!!

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow, and Double Sight?

I live in Glasgow so I’m looking forward to showing off what we’ve got happening here, and  bringing far flung friends & like minded souls together & seeing it all go down in my own back yard! Hopefully ‘Double Sight’ will be a real showcase for this type of music & the traveling talent & international vibe will help a few more locals to turn on & tune in to these sounds as well!

 Top 5 spins for the weekend?

Be Gentle When You Say The Word – Gary Scruggs (Columbia)
Some People Said – Guy Wathelet (Decca)
I’m Still A Child – Joy & The Hitkids (Decca)
Shadows Of My Past – George Cash (Philips)
Looking Glass Alice – The Bunch (CBS)


(The Freak Beats Club, Glasgow)

Jamo (Freak Beats Club)

Also joining us as a resident DJ of the weekend is Jamie Kidd, aka Jamo, of Get The Records on, and the newly established Freak Beats Club which will be running monthly from the summer, in The Flying Duck.

Tell us a bit about your DJ style, what can the Double Sight crowd expect?

Collecting psych & garage 45’s from all over the world, there will global sounds a plenty but it wouldn’t be a Glasgow Garage & Psych weekender without a focus on the best psych & freakbeat Scotland has to offer!

What are you looking forward to about Glasgow?

Glasgow is so great that I made it my home 10 years ago! The city is a hub of music, culture & arts so if your needing a tour guide round the record stores, vintage shops or the sights Glasgow has to offer then I’m your man!

What appeals to you most about the Double Sight Weekender?

The best DJ’s playing the best music in the best city in the world!

Top 5 spins for the weekend?

The Gipsys – Oh! Malala
The Poets – Wooden Spoon
The Honeycombs – Can’t Get Through To You
Chris & Craig – Isha
Les Dauphins – Serrons-Nous La Main

Holly & Sarah

(Eyes Wide Open, Glasgow)

Holly & Sarah (Eyes Wide Open, Glasgow)

And finally, your hosts for the weekend are Holly & Sarah who have been running Eyes Wide Open Club, Scotland’s only dedicated garage & psych club night, for almost seven years.

What are you looking forward to about Double Sight?

We’re really excited to be hosting Double Sight, we’ve spent a lot of time going to clubs and weekenders in London, and in Europe, and we’re hoping to bring some of that to Glasgow for the first time.

We know Glasgow knows how to have a good time, so we’re looking forward to welcoming people from further afield, for what we hope will be one hell of a party!

Top 5 spins for the weekend?

Wade In The Shade – Daddy Lindberg
It Won’t Be The Same – Gavin Hamilton
Tac Poum Systeme – Asmodia
No Good Woman – The Tree
Dream Girl – Teaspoon (get it ordered…!)

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